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Tailor-made development programs for your employees


Every employee is unique and every enterprise deals with special challenges. For instance, logistics operations in the fast moving consumer goods industry (FMCG) is very different to logistics of spare parts of a medical device company.

Case Studies

Lean Six Sigma in the telecommunications industry

An enterprise of the telecommunications industry required a training and certification program in Lean Six Sigma. The tools mainly used in a production environment needed to be applied in the service industry. Hence, the training concept required adjustments to meet the specific requirements of that industry.

The result is a face-to-face training and certification program (Green & Black Belt according to ASQ BoK) running since 2015. Every participant needs to lead a Lean Six Sigma project and receives face-to-face and remote coachings while putting theory into practice.

Executive’s training for shift supervisors

There are many executive trainings available, however, the target group dealt especially with shift supervisors in a production plant for cement building blocks. Such a work environment requires different leadership skills (e.g. working with leased labor). A two-day face-to-face training has been developed to transfer selected leadership tool to the participants combined with a 1:1 coaching over a period of three months after the training.

The ADDIE Approach

I successfully apply the ADDIE approach for learning designs starting with an analysis of training needs and finalizing with an evaluation of achievements after the trainings. If you would like to benefit from tailor-made trainings then do not hesitate to contact me directly.


I offer trainings not just for my tailor-made concepts but also deliver trainings that have been designed either by an external provider or internally in your organisation. If you require an engaging trainer then get in touch.

From Microtrainings to Certifications

Many ways lead to a lasting employee’s qualification. Whether Microtrainings, classical classroom seminars, e-learning solutions or the production of training  videos: The training format is adapted to your requirements.

Microtrainings are short lessons of 5-15 minutes. Knowledge, tools and concepts are briefly explained to apply them directly in practice. Supplemented reflections and coaching contribute do the development of desired skills and allow a practice-based engagement “on the job”.

Inhouse training allow trainings in your organisation and serves groups from up to 12 participants. It is the classical way of employee’s qualification and allows a direct contact with the trainer.

The direct contact with the trainer is also possible through remote learning and can be well connected with face-to-face trainings and provide a high degree of flexibility. Get in touch to discuss appropriate options for your own organization.


More than just knowing.

Pure knowledge is not sufficient for growth. Methodological and social competence as well as personality development are important components of sustainable growth. For instance, a two-day project management training does not “produce” a project manager. It requires much more skills.


In sports, coaching is already daily practise: For instance in boxing the coach acts as a sparring partner to allow the boxer gaining victory in the next competition.
In business the context is similar: The coach accompanies your employees individually or in teams to challenge them in achieving agreed goals. So, your employees are able to develop their skills further while working on a project and gain support by the coach.

In this case the coach differs from a consultant. While a consultant acts as an expert of his field and solves strategical and analytical problems, a coach works as a companion who supports the employees in achieving the goals by themselves.


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